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Goals, history, lifestyle and personality

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running app

 Track your progress, create injury reports and more

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Running Calculator

This is where you maximise every run to get the best results from your program

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Custom program

Customized Periodizatin Running Program. 
Step by step the perfectly time our peak running performance is met when its time for you dream race. 



I've been training with Corne for almost 2 years and I absolutely love his programs. I recently even did the online workout and it was nothing short of amazing. I highly recommended using Corne for all your coaching needs. I guarantee that you will see amazing results. Coach thanks for everything 😊🏃‍♀️💪

I have been training with you now for more than 7 years!! With your help and guidance I've done my back to back Comrades marathon and back to back Two Oceans ultra marathons and a host of other races including the Jackal night series....Can't believe how time flies! A friend, a coach and a mentor! @Corne van Zyl - We've got lots more to do buddy! I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a meaningful change and create a more balanced lifestyle to get in touch with Corne van Zyl and In-Reach Run Coaching Group #PoweringPossibilities


Corne is a very dedicated and a knowledgeable Coach. He offers all aspects of coaching from nutrition, physical training, biokinestics and the mental aspect of making it through any form of training run or race. His plans are realistic and manageable (I actually look forward to seeing what the next training session has in store for me)) and provided you are committed and follow his program, you reap the rewards. Corne is only a phone call or WhatsApp message away for any type of assistance and makes you feel like you're his most important client.


Our running app Final Surge makes it easy for you get see your program ether on your phone or your computer. It also allows us to have a detailed look at all your workouts, track your progress & create injury reports which will enable your coach to make quick changes to your program if needed. 

Running app

The In-Reach Run calculator is where science meets the runner

Run at optimum paces

Ensure each run stimulate desired physiological response

Maximize results 

Minimize the risk of injury

Remove guesswork


Running economy:

Run Faster | Run More


Fast pace for more prolonged periods

Race Preparation:

Peak performance | Race specificity 

Perfect Taper:

Advance Recovery | Optimizing energy stores 

Race Day:

Race Plan | Race pace chart | Race day nutrition

Heal and analyze


If your goal is to run faster or run longer, then we would like to help you reach your full potential. Maybe your goal is to run your best 5km,10km Half Marathon, Marathon or even an Ultra Marathon. 

Why we use periodization training programs for our clients? 

Periodization training plans work on the concept of progressive overload and adaption; gradually increasing the stress placed upon the body through training. We then allow a short period of rest for the body to recover. (In these short strategic recovery periods, the body adapts to the stress of running, replenish energy stores and repair and build stronger muscles.) and then start to load the process of progressive overload and adaption again. These are called mesocycles, and they have the added benefit of keeping runners motivated and focused as well. 

Our training program will take you to step by step through the different training physiological needs for you to reach your peak performance state in time for your dream race. 


In-Reach Run Coaching is all about partnering with you to unleash your true potential. We are here for you in every step of the way. 


In-Reach Run Coaching is founded on many years of experience coupled with the latest science available to enable to be your best.


If your training for your first half-marathon, then this video is for you. In this video, we will coach you on what your running program should look like, which key workout you should include in your running plan. We also discuss taper, your race-day nutrition and how to recover after you half marathon.

We know that selecting a coach is a very personal thing. Speak to coach Corne to ensure you're a great fit. 

Call: 0769842980

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