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Online Run Coaching Plan

Run Coach: Corne Van Zyl


If its your goal to run your first half marathon or you are a advanced Half marathoner that want to improve on your personal best this run package is for you. 


Our programs are custom made so after we have a look at your experience, past injuries and goals, we start developing a running plan that suits your lifestyle. Your program is designed to be easily understandable and has easy to understand instruction on how to complete each workout. 


Our 6 Step Run Coaching Method ensure each run has a purpose. No More junk miles


The In-Reach running calculator will calculate your optimum run paces which will stimulate the desired physiological response to ensure we get results and minimize injuries. 


For your program, we use our running app Final Surge which is where we will be sending your running program the app also makes it easy to track your progress, create injury reports and communicate with your Coach.


Included in this program

Custom Made Running Program

Final Surge Running App

Race pace charts or race plan

Assistance with shoe selection
* Free access to our online HIIT Runners workouts
* Sit down with your coach every 2-3 months to discuss your upcoming races, goals, or maybe just come for some motivation. 

Coaching on:

  • Running technique
  • Strength and power
  • Nutrition advises and guidance.
  • Race day nutrition
  • Advance recovery techniques

Half Marathon Run Coaching

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