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In-Reach Run Calculator

Run at your optimum run paces which will stimulate the desired physiological response to ensure we get results and minimize injuries. 


Training for a Marathon, Half Marathon or maybe just a Parkrun?

Are you tired of not getting results? 


Most South African runners, unfortunately, miss out of getting the most out of the hard work that they put in. Runners tend to run too fast on their Aerobic easy runs, or you might be running at race pace too often. The results are you will generally reach a plateau after 6 - 8 weeks of running.

Running correct and run fast

Do it right every time with the In-Reach Run Calculator. No more junk miles. 


The In-Reach running calculator will take the guesswork out of your training. 

5km Assessment Run or Time Trials

Your 5km time will give the calculator the necessary data to not only provide you with scientific training paces but also give you a relatively accurate prediction on your 10km, half marathon, marathon and Comrades times. 


Ether use a resent 5km time or go and run a 5km


Instructions on running your best 5km

Flat route

It might be a flat road or even a track. Please choose an area where your run won't get interrupted by traffic lights or cars. If you are running on public roads, please take care of your safety. 


Run your best possible time

Run as hard as you can but always listen to your body. When we run hard, there is a more significant risk of injury. If you feel an injury coming on or not feeling well instead run the 5km Assessment run on another day. The better you perform, the more accurate the calculator is. 

5km Time



Interval Pace Chart

Hills Time
Hills Pace

Race Predictor & Paces

Training Pace

Training Chart

Your training chart will list Interval and Hill paces and times. Interval distances range from 200 meters up to 2000 meters. Depending on your goal distance and where in your running program, you would like to incorporate various interval lengths to your running program to ensure you get most out of your training. Take note that these paces are not all-out efforts, however, are based on speeds that will give you the most benefit while minimizing the risk of injury.


Hill Paces and Times

These are to give you a good indication of the times you should be running on hills. For hill training on the road get a gradual climb for your desired distance. The paces and times for these hills are a 5° - 7° hill. For more, advance Hill training and trail please conceder working speaking to a coach.


Race Chart

The race chart gives you a good indication of what paces you can run at for various distances. The 5km is a good indicator of your potential at these distances. These times do not make consideration for elevation gain or loss during these races for a specific pace chart for your event, please have a look at one of our coaching packages. All our coaching packages include pace charts for famous races around the world or race strategies for trail races. 


Tempo runs

Also known as Lactate Threshold runs or Anaerobic Threshold runs are generally run at 15km - Half Marathon pace.

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