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Gym Fitment

 Ensuring that you get the facility set up correctly the first time

Gym Management

Enabling the smooth sailing and successful management of Coporate and estate gym in South Africa

Corporate Wellness

Embracing a culture of wellness through various designed initiatives

Corporate Gym Management & Estate Gym Management

A successful fitness centre is more than the facility itself. It's about providing services with a professional team that inspires individuals, teams and communities to be their best. 

At In-Reach, we provide an all inclusive Corporate and Estate Gym Management service, to help you implement a holistic gym and wellness program. We work hard behind the scenes to enable and support your vision and goals while, inspiring the community around you.


We also pride ourselves in designing and implementing the best possible wellness solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Teaming up with the very best in the industry ensures that we meet all of your needs successfully. 

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