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Case Studies

Jackal Creek Golf Estate



Jackal Creek Golf Estatewas voted the #1 performing residential estate in South Africa by Finweek.

Jackal Creek Golf Estate has developed exponentially since 2012 when In-Reach Lifestyle launched in the estate.


Housing Stats for 2012

1136 – Apartments

15 – Clusters

Housing +/- 2600 residents

Housing Stats for 2014

1350 – Apartments

70 – Clusters

25 – Row Houses

Housing +/- 3700

The estate have shown a year on year growth in value of 13.2%.

Average housing value growth in South Africa year on year have shown to be +/- 9.3%. “Property24”.

Community Engagement level:

In 2014 we have been able to achieve a massive 45.6% community engagement level. What does this mean? We have been able to get 1650 residents of the community excited and involved with our various initiatives. Compared to a average of 5%-20% involved on average in this is a massive accomplishment.

Gym Membership:

400 Memberships

95% Capacity (We like to not over fill out facilities as it is not conducive to our high value objective.

99% of members that have moved out of the estate that was members at our gym have confirmed that

they are happy with our service and would recommend our services to there friends.


All our events hosted through out 2014 have been sold out with the exception of one night run that faced a


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