We have different facilities that we set up which you can benefit from.



We provide fully equipped gyms containing top of the range equipment. Our helpful qualified staff members are always on hand to assist and create an amazing vibe!

Supplements Shop

We offer our members and residents access to world leading products to supplement their training and busy lifestyles. The convenience and competitive pricing is a added benefit our members appreciate. Our flagship brand Nutritech has proven not only to be a healthy option but a result driven one. 

Personal Training

We are equipped with successful qualified trainers who can help you achieve any or all your goals in the shortest time possible. Carefully developed workout programs; assessments and body measurements, supplements and eating plans are essential to achieving this.  We strive to offer Quality service at an affordable price giving you the safest and most reliable way to get your dream body.

Running and Mountain Biking

We have had great success in managing weekly time trial runs where you can track your fitness and see your development in the comfort and safety of your own back yard. We also host big events including fun runs and night runs.

Testing the landscapes with our mountain biking club has been a sure way of bringing people together and enjoying the lifestyle of South Africa.

Adventure Group

We know that some people prefer training with a large group of people and that is why we host a wide variety of different classes suited to accommodate all your fitness needs. We have high intensity classes like boot camp, boxing training and our own unique functional fitness class Body Drive. Yoga & Pilates are also on offer for the more traditional members. 

Monthly group interaction taken to the next level. White water rafting, hiking, caving, rock climbing and CBD market tours are just a few of the events we have hosted. All these events have been a great success and have helped us build strong bonds within the community.

Action Soccer

“5 a side” Action Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the world over the last 4 years. The Jackal’s Action Soccer team is now in their 3rd season and is currently standing 3rd in there league and improving quickly. The team practices every Sunday, plays friendly matches on Mondays and league matches on Tuesdays at Honeydew 5-A-Side.