We have different events that we set up which you can benefit from.


Time Trial Run/Walk

Our weekly Time Trial has quickly become an event many residents of Jackal Creek Golf Estate look forward to. The run started in February 2014. We currently have over 350 registered members and have 50+ runners on a weekly bases. Golf estates make for the perfect environment for running as it provides for a safe environment accompanied by breath taking scenery. By offering a 3km walk or 5km run, we are able to cater for both beginners and more advanced runners, making this a well-rounded fun and social event. Although the run/walk has so far only been marketed to gym members and residents, it is also open to the general public.

Jackal's Night Run Event

This is a 4km/8km theme based event that caters for 500 runners and will take place every 2 months. Each Run will have a different creative concept (theme), keeping the runners excited to see what is coming up next. Playing with different lights, colours and a wide variety of music we are able to keep the run very exciting and adventurous for every runner.

Adventure Group

What’s life without a little adventure…We create a safe and fun environment that is affordable for people to enjoy the endless adventure opportunities South Africa has to offer. These adventures range from 1 day activities such as Paint Ball, Go Karting, and Soweto tours to a long weekend exploring the Drakensburg adventure. We have at least one adventure taking place every month. The Adventure Group members are quite diverse in race, age and nationalities and are from all different walks. We thus try and cater to all, by offering different targeted activities. Groups range from 20 – 50 members per activity.

Golf Clinic
Action Soccer

“5 a side” Action Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the world over the last 4 years. The Jackal’s Action Soccer team is now in their 3rd season and is currently standing in 3rd place in there league and improving quickly. The team practice every Sunday, plays friendly matches on Mondays and league matches on Tuesdays at Honeydew 5-A-Side. With such a large demand from players, we are in the process of starting our second team. The team has developed a strong support group, with many followers from Jackal Creek Golf Estate.

Comedy Nights

Golf is a great way of building networks, negotiating business deals or just to relax over the weekend. Our 6 week Golf Clinic which is run by a PGA Pro has been assisting golfers from teaching them the basics of the game to more developed training.

Monthly comedy nights sponsored by well known brands, and some of South Africa’s top comedians and DJ’s, are one of the other events we offer, which allow you to relax and have fun without having to travel long distances. 

Lifestyle Sundaze

We create a networking platform for our high profile clientele through events. South Africa is filled with talented performers so we capitalise on this by merging the two. Powerful sponsorship is key here and we have aligned ourselves with some top brands to date.