Here are some of our clients that we have worked with, and continue to work with. We have also included some feedback below with regards to what we have done for them.



“Our client feedback has been very positive in dealing with In-Reach Lifestyle. The various activities held by Corne and his team help us in achieving our vision of lifestyle estates not just residential homes.

Dean Bester (Montagu Sales and Marketing Manager)


"Taking clients to the gym and letting the In-Reach team present the different activities offered through the Lifestyle enhancement package has assisted me in closing my deals with ease and has become part of my standard sales pitch."

Alex Viviers (Montagu Sales Agent)


"Working with In-Reach lifestyle has been hassle free and together we are creating a community that residents want to be a part of."

Kevin Bennett (Jackal Creek Estate Manager)


"The gym is a mere 5 meters from my office. I walked passed it everyday and looked the other way. Then just over a year ago I took up Mountain Biking, I told Corne that I had taken up  Mountain biking and asked him how I could improve my fitness level.  I knew then that I needed to lose the weight if I wanted to improve. Corne left me in the capable hands of his team who got me started on an interval and abdominal training programme.  I would work out during my lunch break three times a week and cycle on the weekends.  I could feel my strength improving and was full of energy. Whenever I reached a plateau Corne was there to offer advice and he has since assisted me in losing a total of 25kg. Thank you Corne and Team"

Letitia (Jackal Creek Resident)